Join us in beautiful Norris Point for the adventure of a lifetime.

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    Aerial view of Cape Town with Cape Town Stadium

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    A Fabulous Trip

    The boat tours were fantastic, food and service at the pub were excellent, it certainly is a must do!

    Mary McCracken, 2023,


    Bonne Bay Tour & Cat Stop Pub

    A fantastic tour and excellent service and food at the Cat Stop Pub!

    Crystal S. - July 2023,

    Cat Stop Pub & Grub - A Must Do!

    Delicious food, excellent staff and a wonderful view. A perfect way to spend the day.

    Lydia - May 2022,

    Amazing View of the Harbour

    Lovely view of the harbour to take in as you sip on your drink. Great group of girls serving the food and drink. Amazing entertainment during the Trails Tales Tunes Festival

    alannak2003 - 2022,

    A must do

    Absolutely stunning - A must do

    Kay Riggs - 2021,

    Really awesome

    Tour was really awesome. Great views and plenty of photo opportunities

    Douglas Purchase - 2021,

    Enjoyable from start to finish

    Fantastic boat tour. It was very informative complete with humor and music. I won't change a thing. Enjoyable from start to finish.

    Elaine Balsom - 2021,

    Absolutely loved Anchors Aweigh

    Absolutely loved Anchors Aweigh. Will be back next year for sure.

    Linda Corbett - 2021,

    Those guys are so talented and funny

    Loved this, enjoyed every minute of it, those guys are so talented and funny. My CFA friends were very impressed

    Dianne Barker - 2021,

    Absolutely loved every second of it!

    We went on the Western Brook Pond boat tour August 21 2021 and absolutely loved every second of it ! I've recommended it to so many people and we will definitely be doing another tour in the future!

    Elizabeth Gleason,

    Nothing short of perfect!

    Our tour was nothing short of perfect! We switched our tour date to the next day to avoid rain, which was fairly easy to figure out how to do, and ended up with perfect weather. The crew on the boat were extremely friendly and entertaining, we especially loved the live music at the end as we cruised back to the dock! Western Brook Pond is definitely worth the visit and more than worth the cost of the boat tour. Thank you all for such a wonderful experience!

    Jenny Hatt,

    Highlight of our time in western Newfoundland

    The Western Brook Boat Tour was a highlight of our time in western Newfoundland. It exceeded our expectations. Hats off to the Skipper(s) and Crew. They are professional, talented, and loads of fun. The Kitchen Party on deck will long be remembered. We look forward to recommending this and other BonTours offerings to friends. Adèle (Oakville, Ontario)

    Adele Hurley,

    Breathtakingly spectacular

    The Western Pond boat cruise my family and I took was just breathtakingly spectacular, and the staff and crew of Bonne Bay Tour were very friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating! It was our first time in Newfoundland, and we specifically went to stay and see the sights at Gros Morne National Park, and this boat tour gave us the opportunity to explore this unique area. Would love to go again soon and experience the other tours that Bonne Bay Tours offers. Really grateful for this! Highly recommended!

    Lilac Cana,

    Prosessional, helpful and friendly

    What a great and wonderdul experience. Prosessional, helpful and friendly from the booking agent to the cafe and the crew. This is a must do. And the scenery the scenery what spectacular array of rugged beauty.

    Michael Pretty,

    Highly recommend this tour

    Did this tour in 2013 and was not disappointed the second time around in 2021. The beauty of the landscape is amazing and the staff on the boat are very friendly and great to interact with the tourists. Highly recommend this tour to anyone exploring the Gros Morne National Park.

    Jonathan Gauthier,

    3 Different Cruises, All Worthwhile

    Whales or Fjords? How can you pick? We took in a Bonne Bay morning tour and though we didn’t see whales, we enjoyed 4 dolphins dancing, and laughed during the amusing and informative tour. The next day, we headed up to the Western Brook Pond tour – we loved the walk but I can see how this is a barrier for some. I completely appreciate that environmental protection is important. The Western Brook Pond tour is stunning, such tall cliffs, with surroundings like something out of a Lord of the Rings movie. Well worth it, and the Parks Canada building has good washrooms, trinkets and snack options too. Finally, it turned out a friend’s band was playing the Sunset cruise in Bonne Bay. So back we went for a rollicking good time of East Coast music, drinks from the bar, and what turned into a Kitchen Party. The sunset was beautiful, we almost saw a Minke whale, and it was well worth a third cruise. Lots of boat rides, but a great way to see Gros Morne.

    Carolyn S ,

    Mississauga, Ontario

    Fantastic Hike Into the Gorge

    Our family trekked with Clem up into the back of the gorge. It was an exceptional experience. Need to be in some degree of shape but it is a manageable hike up. Some scrambling but the guides do an excellent job leading and ensuring safety. The reward at the end largely defies words. The look back into the Western Brook Pond and as well the surrounding area is magnificent. Very well done and highly recommend to those with the ability and enjoyment of hiking. Gives a taste of what the back country experience would be like. Do take bug spray as they are thick in places!


    Nova Scotia


    If you are in Gros Morne you have to take this boat tour in Norris Point with Bontours! We saw Humpback and Minke whales, seals, Bald Eagles and of course the backdrop of the Tableland Mountains, Gros Morne mountain and Woody Point is stunning. The crew on our tour were talented local musicians from the group Anchors Aweigh and they played a few traditional Newfoundland tunes on the way back from a memorable tour of Bonne Bay. Highly recommended!

    Visited May 2016,


    We had a wonderful Bonne Bay boat tour and used the information from that to visit the Discovery Centre across the bay on the next day. We loved the Anchor’s Away show and between the two of us, we purchased 3 CDs and enjoyed the music driving to L’Anse aux Meadows, to Red Bay, to Twillingate and back to St. John’s. We will recommend this to any of our friends who are planning to visit Newfoundland.

    Donna Cowie,

    Windsor, Ontario