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    Western Brook Pond Tour

    Price $79 2 hours
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    Western Brook Pond Tour

    $79 per person
    $79 Adult
    $49 Youth / Child

    All tours are weather permitting

    The Tour

    Gros Morne National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated on the western coast of the island of Newfoundland. Located in the Park is the landlocked fjord of Western Brook Pond. Carved by glaciers, stunning fjords, plenty of waterfalls and wildlife it is recognized for its beauty and geological significance.

    The tour has been featured in many magazines and several television programs. Throughout the two hour boat tour we provide live interpretation pointing out some of the geological and historical features of this wonder of nature. Refreshments are available. Our boats have canopied decks and on-board lavatories.

    The lake waters are pristine, having had very little impact from human activities. Our vessels, in order to operate on the pond, have a special certification required by Parks Canada and have  minimal impact on the environment.

    There is no better way to explore this magnificent scenery than by taking the Western Brook Pond Boat Tour!

    What To Expect

    Explore the stunning vistas by taking our Western Brook Pond tour located in the Gros Morne National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This experience is part of Canada’s Canadian Signature Experiences collection, which shows the world the best that Canada has to offer. The pond is located in the long Range Mountains, the most northern section of the Appalachian Mountains surrounded by deep rock walls. This 16 kilometer lake with a depth of 165 meters is home to Atlantic Salmon, Brook Trout and Arctic Char and an unusual colony of cliff nesting gulls. The pond is a freshwater fjord carved out by glaciers during the ice age 25,000 to 10,000 years ago. Its water is extremely pure.

    Aboard, at Western Brook Pond, observe the spectacular glacier-carved land-locked fjord, waterfalls cascading from 2000 feet that often turn to mist before reaching the pond, billion year old cliffs, and frequent wildlife sightings. Glacial action has resulted in magnificent scenery, with coastal lowland, alpine plateau, glacial valleys, sheer cliffs, waterfalls and many pristine lakes. There is camping in the park, or stay in one of the adjoining seaside communities of Cow Head, Glenburnie, Norris Point, Rocky Harbour, Trout River or Woody Point.

    Gros Morne National Park, an outstanding wilderness environment of spectacular landlocked, freshwater fjords and glacier-scoured headlands in an ocean setting, is an area of exceptional natural beauty. This special place is truly a photographer’s paradise. Amazing photographs can be produced with absolutely stunning images.

    Getting Here

    The boat tour is reached via Route 430, 27 kilometres north of Rocky Harbour. The trail from the parking lot to the dock is 3 km (1.86 miles, approximately a 45 min walk). The trail itself is gravel, fairly flat and covered with class A crushed stone. If walking the trail, give yourself enough time. Wear comfortable footwear.

    This trail is NOT deemed as wheelchair accessible.  All-terrain wheelchairs are available at the Visitor Information Center, Rocky Harbour. Telephone 709 458.2417 for more information.

    Transportation via golf cart is available for guests with mobility issues

    Great effort has been made to accommodate guests with mobility issues visiting our Park. For those with ambulation difficulties, there is a golf cart available for transportation to the dockside. You DO NOT have to walk the 3 kilometers (1.86 miles) to the Western Brook Pond dock.

    In order to utilize the transportation golf cart
    You must be able to independently enter the golf cart with the assistance from your companion and ambulate to the vessel with or without assistance from your companion.

    • Maintain an upright position
    • Support your torso, neck, and head while absorbing movements, and brace your body with at least one upper extremity.
    • When seated, both legs (natural or prosthetic) must extend to edge of seat.

    The cost of the cart shuttle service is $10.00 return payable at the WBP parking lot departure site – CASH ONLY. Those with mobility issues needing a ride from WBP to the parking lot the fee is $10.00.

    Parks Canada Requirement (Western Brook Pond Only)

    Parks Canada requires a Gros Morne National Park pass for the Western Brook Pond  Boat Tour.  For  daily Gros Morne National Park pass prices go to Gros Morne National Park website


    Golf Cart Departure Schedule

    Tour Time Parking Lot Departure Time Dockside Departure Time
    10am 8:30am, 9am, 9:30am 12:45pm
    11am 10am, 10:30am 1:45pm
    12:30pm 11am, 11:30am 2:45pm
    1:30pm 12:30pm, 1pm 3:45pm
    3pm 1:30pm, 2pm, 2:30pm 5:15pm

    For questions, email us at Thank you for visiting our magnificent Gros Morne National Park.

    We are not responsible for injuries related to entering or leaving the golf cart.

    WBP Dockside
    Located at dockside, you will find a sheltered waiting area, indoor bathroom facilities, canteen, dog kennels (no pets permitted on boats) and several beautiful picnic areas.


    • Online
    • Email:
    • Telephone: 1 888 458.2016 or 1 709 458.2016
    • In Person: BonTours Office at 105 Pond Road, Rocky Harbour
      Ticket office hours during off-season: Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm, Saturday & Sunday 9 am – 2 pm during peak season: 8 am – 5 pm daily.
    • We require a minimum of 15 people to depart.
    • Cancellation policy: 24 hours prior to tour time

    NOTE: The remoteness of the Western Brook Pond often causes internet issues. Therefore, if planning to pay at dockside, please ensure that you carry cash as a precaution. Cellular service in this area is intermittent.

    Dock Side Café

    Western BrookPond Cafe 2021

    Drop by the Dock Side Café for a snack by the water.

    All prices subject to HST

    Our kennels




    All prices subject to HST

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      BonTours Boat Terminal, Western Brook Pond Trail
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