Join us in beautiful Norris Point for the adventure of a lifetime.

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    Western Brook Pond Day Hike

    Price $325 10-12 Hours
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    Western Brook Pond Day Hike

    $325 per person
    $325 Adult  $210 Youth/Child
    The Hiking Experience of a Lifetime……The scenery is magnificent!

    Gros Morne National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, presents some of the most spectacular scenery and wildlife in eastern Canada. The hiking trails in this park range from leisurely walks to demanding multi-day outings. Uncover the park’s natural beauty: See towering cliffs, sky-high mountain tops, cascading waterfalls, a stunning fjord and unique rock formations.

    The Hike (approximately 10-12 hours)

    We have an age limit of 10-68 Years. This is a soft limit. For more information, please contact us.

    These distances can be deceptive. This is a very difficult hike. There are rest areas and viewing points for hikers.


    1.  6 km (3.73 miles) return from parking lot to first dock
    2.  16 km (9.94 miles) high speed water shuttle trip to second dock
    3.  12 km (7.46 miles) return from second dock to summit (with an elevation gain of 450m)


    At the designated morning hour, at 7 or 8 am, we meet at the Out East Adventures Center, 12 Westlink Road, Rocky Harbour. After a quick orientation and signing of the appropriate waiver, we drive to the parking lot located at Western Brook. We walk to the dock, a 3-kilometre hike over mostly flat terrain. After arriving at the dock, we take a 30 minute high speed shuttle boat ride to the end of the pond. Along the way, we talk about the history and showcase the paradise that is our backyard. After arriving at a small dock, you will view the magnificence of the mountain. It is clear that we have entered another world.

    Our experienced guide will take you through a land as rugged as it is pristine. During the 12 kilometres of intense hiking we walk along river beds, through forests and meadows, observe beautiful waterfalls, view the fjord and its steep cliffs and rest under towering rocks.

    In short, for a person of average fitness, our hike is considered demanding but very rewarding. The day is strenuous, and is best described in four stages.

    Stage 1

    We begin the trail with a gentle warm up route. We walk through a giant meadow and wild forest paths before emerging on a giant rock slide.

    Stage 2

    As we gain elevation, the route gets more challenging and we must deal with awkward and difficult footing. While the path through the rock slide is mostly stabilized, good balance is important as we hop from rock to rock.

    Stage 3

    We cross river beds which may or may not have running water. At times we may need to cross rivers with water as high as our knees. From here the terrain becomes more and more steep as we continue through the forest. We rest beneath a waterfall before we continue.

    Stage 4

    This is a steep climb. It is relatively short and is the toughest part of the journey. Full use of hands, knees and feet are required while pushing and pulling our way upward. This is not a true climb as we are still in the forest and it is steep and difficult. Finally, we emerge on a rocky clearing and are rewarded with one of the most stunning views in North America. The valley of Western Brook Pond opens up below you. The winding fjord and its steep cliffs provide the backdrop. Life seems to stand still for a moment. Magical!

    After resting and viewing our spectacular surroundings, we begin our descent. Remember that this is only the halfway point and we must travel the same terrain to get out.

    Our groups return to the parking lot between 5 and 7 pm. However, the actual time can vary as it is dependent on the speed of the group and the weather conditions for the day.

    For a description of the hike, including photographs and FAQs, please visit:

    For your Comfort and Safety

    • There is no food, shelter, or water available on the mountain. Take at least one litre of water per person (two on hot days).
    • Make sure to pack a hearty lunch with plenty of snacks. This is a demanding day as our bodies need fuel.
    • Be prepared for changes in weather as well as cooler and more windy conditions on the mountain. Pack a windbreaker (preferably waterproof).
    • Sweater and trousers will usually be required at the top, even if it is warm and sunny below.
    • Wear comfortable and sturdy footwear. Well broken-in hiking boots are strongly recommended. Barefoot, sandals, heels or tennis shoes are not appropriate.


    Reservations are required.



    Telephone: 1 888 458.2016 or 1 709 458.2016

    In Person: BonTours Office, 105 Pond Road, Rocky Harbour

    Cancellation policy: 24 hours prior to hike time

    • Departure
      Out East Adventures Centre located at 12 West Link Rd, Rocky Harbour
    • Departure Time
      Our hiking season is June through September. We require a minimum of 4 adults to operate however groups of less than 4 can be combined to reach our minimum.

    Tour Location

    June to September For DAY HIKES- ( Meet at Out East Adventures Centre located at 12 West Link Rd in Rocky Harbour.)- 7:30 am or 8:30 am( depending on your scheduled hike time) For OVERNIGHT HIKES- (Meet at Out East Adventures Centre located at 12 West Link Rd in Rocky Harbour )- 8:30 am